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Guidance for the Research Awards

This guidance might look a bit scary, but it isn't really! can help you with any part of the process. So just get in touch. Tel: 01392 403049 or email

Be aware that we aren't always in the office so please don't leave any questions or things you need help with until the last minute.

Applicants can apply for £3500.00 or less. The project must be for a service user, patient and/or carer led research project. This means the idea needs to have come from service users, patients and/or carers directly and that service users, patients and/or carers have been fully involved with designing the project and will be fully involved in undertaking the project.

Service users, patients and/or carers can apply for a Award, as can service user researchers, carer researchers or patient researchers. By this we mean people that use services on a regular basis to maintain their everyday life. Researchers who are not described above can apply so long as they are working under the direction of service users, patients and/or carers.

We know that these distinctions are not perfect but we hope this helps.

  • The Project must be based in Devon and/or Cornwall (including the Isles of Scilly).
  • The project must have the potential to be of use to service users, patients and/or carers.
  • The project must use a trustworthy approach to answer the research question(s).
  • The Project must be achievable within the time and resources available.
  • We plan to fund between 3 and 6 projects this year.

    Round 2

    23rd December 2011

    23rd December 2011

    Closing date

    5th-30th January 2012

    5th-30th January 2012

    Feedback & Review

    10th February 2012

    10th February 2012

    Final Decision

    Gateway questions

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