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Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (2008)
A Review of Service User Involvement in Prison Mental Health Research
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Sample, P.L. (1996).
Beginnings: participatory action research and adults with developmental disabilities. Disability & Society, 11(3), 317-332.
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Sanders, K. (2005).
The Meetings Toolkit Devon: A toolkit to enable staff to involve people with learning disabilities in meetings. Learning Disability Development Team.

Scott J. (2010)
MHRN Service Users & Carers Payments Policy
Service user and carer participation: helpful benefit rules and benefit pitfalls to avoid
Mental Health Research Network
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Scott, J. (2002).
Payments and the Benefit System: A guide for managers making payments to survivors and service users involved in improving mental health services. Kings College London, London.

The Scottish Executive (2003)
A New Public Involvement Structure for NHSScotland - Patient Focus and Public Involvement
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Scourfield, P. (2007)
Social Care and the Modern Citizen: Client, Consumer, Service User, Manager and Entrepreneur
British Journal of Social Work (2007) 37, 107 - 122

Selai, C. & Oliver,S. (2003)
Guidelines for Consumers Interested in Peer-reviewing Research - 1. an introduction to peer-reviewing Cochrane protocols and reviews. Modified for Cochrane UK Consumers. Social Science Research Unit, University of London. London.

Service User Research Group England. (2005).
Guidance for Good Practice: Service User Involvement in the UK Mental Health Research Network. The Mental Health Foundation.

Services First. (1998).
How to consult your users: An Introductory Guide. The Cabinet Office.

Services First. (1999). Involving users: Improving the delivery of local public services. The Cabinet Office.
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Services First. (1999).
Involving users: Improving the delivery of healthcare. The Cabinet Office.
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Shared Learning Group (2008)
The impact of paying users for their involvement - A discussion paper

Sharon, F et al (2007) Advocacy groups as research organizations: the PXE International example. Nature Reviews Volume 8 February 2007
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Shaw C. (2005)
NIFTY Evaluation; An introductory handbook for social care staff with a rough guide to evaluation resources.
Research in Practice
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Sheldon, B. & Macdonald, G. (1999).
Mind The Gap: Research and Practice in Social Care. Centre for Evidence-Based Social Services, Exeter.

Shelton, G. (1999).
Survey of 36 trusts establishes the level of service user involvement. British Journal of Health Care Management, 5(3), 109-112.
[Available via subscription from British Journal of Healthcare Management Access Link ].

Simons, L., Wren, G., & Buckland, S. (2009)
Survey of Lay Members of Research Ethics Committees (RECs)
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Simpson, E.L., House, A.O. & Barkham, M. (2002).
A guide to involving users, ex-users and carers in mental health service planning, delivery or research: a health technology approach. Academic Unit of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, University of Leeds.
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Smith, R. (2002).
If it is not actually structured around your real life, it is pointless: An exploration of the views of mental health workers and service users in the use of the Care Programme Approach in a Devon area.

Social Services Research Group. (2005).
Research Governance Framework Resource Pack. Department of Health, Research Governance in Social Care Advisory Group.

Social Services Research Group. (2005).
Research Governance Framework Resource Pack. Department of Health, Research Governance in Social Care Advisory Group.

South West Mental Health Task Force (2002)
Best Practice in Mental Health and Social Care in the South West Region
Mental Health South West

Stakeholder Participation Position Paper 09 (2007)
Developing measures for effective service user and carer participation
Social care institute for excellence (SCIE)
Access Link

Standing Advisory Group on Consumer Involvement in R&D. (1998).
Research: What's in it for me? Conference programme and abstracts. NHS Executive.

Staniszewska, S et al. (2007) User involvement in the development of a research bid: barriers, enablers and impacts. Health Expectations 10: 173-83.

Stewart, R. & Bhagwanjee, A. (1999).
Promoting group empowerment and self-reliance through participatory research: a case study of people with physical disability. Disability and Rehabilitation, 21(7), 338-345.
Access Link

Stringer, E.T. (1997).
Action Research: A Handbook for Practitioners Second Edition. Sage Publications, London.