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Pahl, J. (2004).
Ethics Review in Social Care Research: Option Appraisal and Guidelines. Department of Health.
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Paine, T. (2001).
A survey of Public Participation in Primary Health Care. National Association for Patient Participation.

Pandya R. (2010)
Research Involvement: Patients Carers and members of the Public share experiences
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Park, P., Brydon-Miller, M., Hall, B. & Jackson, T. (1993).
Voices of Change: Participatory Research in the United States and Canada. Bergin & Garvey, London.

Paterson, C. (2003).
Consumer involvement in research into complementary and alternative therapies. MRC Health services Research Collaboration.

Payne, J. (1999).
Researching Health Needs. Sage Publications, London.

Peninsula Medical School (2007)
Reassessing Disability: New Approaches to Disability History - Abstract papers

Petit-Zeman S. (2007)
Voices of reason - Turning the Tables - Exploring how charities are encouraging patient involvement in medical research
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Philpot, T. & Ward, L. (1995).
Values and Visions: Changing Ideas in Services for People with Learning Difficulties (Eds). Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd, Oxford.

Postle, K., Beresford, P. and Hardy, S. (2008)
Assessing Research and Involving People Using Health and Social Care Services: Addressing the tensions
Evidence and Policy, 4(3), pp.251-262
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Progress, Voice Your Views, Kaleidoscope & Moving Forward Together. Meetings guidelines for involving mental health service users in your meetings: Advice and information provided by service users from Weston-Super-Mare, Nailsea and Clevedon.

Purtell, R. and Gibson, A.
'How to Make Health and Social Care Research Radical and Really, Really Useful'
Long-Term Conditions: Challenges in Health & Social Care. Sage Publications, London.
Editors: Cathy E Lloyd & Tom Heller
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Critical perspectives on user involvement (November 2011)
Should we? Could we? Measuring Involvement
Purtell R., Rickard W., & Wyatt K.
The Policy Press
ISMN 978 1 84742 751 9