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Hanley, B. (2005).
Research as empowerment? Report of a series of seminars organised by the Toronto Group. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.
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Hanley, B. (2005).
User involvement in research: building on experience and developing standards. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.
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Hanley, B., Bradburn, J., Barnes, M., Evans, C., Goodare, H., Kelson, M., Kent, A., Oliver, S., Thomas, S. & Wallcraft, J. (2000).
Involving Consumers in Research & Development in the NHS: Briefing Notes for Researchers. INVOLVE.

Hanley, B., Bradburn, J., Barnes, M., Evans, C., Goodare, H., Kelson, M., Kent, A., Oliver, S., Thomas, S. & Wallcraft, J. (2003).
Involving the Public in NHS, Public Health, and Social Care Research: Briefing Notes for Researchers' (second edition). INVOLVE.
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Harris, J., Hill, T. & Westerby, M. (1999).
Evaluating Community Sexual Health Services. NHS Executive Trent Region. The University of Hull & South Humber Health Authority.

Harrison, R. (1987).
Organization culture and quality of service: a strategy for releasing love in the workplace. AMED.

Health Services Research Collaboration (HSRC) (2006)
Towards a more Caring City
Medical Research Council

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Guidelines From the Consumer: Improving Consumer Involvement in Research and Training for Persons With Mental Retardation. Mental Retardation, 34(3), 141-148.

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The Creatures time forgot: Photography and Disability Imagery

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The Patient Care Development Programme: Organisational Development through User & Staff Involvement. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 13(4-5), 153-161.
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Hinder, S. & Morris, S. (2006)
Payment for being an involved service user/carer
N.W. Health User Research Advisory Group
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Hoddinott, P & Pill, R.
Qualitative research interviewing by general practitioners. A personal view of the opportunities and pitfalls.
Family Practice 1997 (14) 307 - 312

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Dances with Patients: Ethical Empowerment in Quality Health Care. School of Management and Marketing, Curtin University of Technology.

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Patients, Power and Politics: From Patients to Citizens. Sage Publications, London.

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It takes persistence to make a reality of the rhetoric of user-led research: User Researchers in Control. Mental Health Today, May.

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Health research in the UK: the price of success. . July 5, 2006 DOI:10.1016/50140-6736(06)68974-5

Hughes, I., Goolagong, P., Khavarpour, F. & Russell, C. (1994).
Koori action research in community health. Action research e-reports - Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney.
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