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Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (March 2003)
Involving children , young people and their parents and carers in child and adolescent mental health services -
Mapping of current activities and action plan

Campbell, J. (2002)
Increasing access, Reducing inequality
A programme of primary care research
Peninsula Medical School

Campbell, J. & Salagrama, V. (2000).
New approaches to participation in fisheries research: A discussion document commissioned by FAO and SIFAR.
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Carr, S. (2004).
Position Paper No 3: Has service user participation made a difference to social care services? Social care Institute for Excellence.
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Carrick, R., Mitchell, A. & Lloyd, K. (2001).
User Involvement in Research: Power and Compromise. Journal of Community and Social Psychology, 11(3), 217-225.
CASP. (2003). How to make sense of scientific evidence: A critical appraisal skills workshop for consumers. CASP, Oxford.
CASP. (2002) 10 questions to help you make sense of randomized controlled trails. Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust, Milton Keynes.

Centre for Evidence-Based Social Services & NISWIS. (2000).
The Guide to Effective Use of NISWIS: The CEBSS/NISWIS initiative, promoting the dissemination of research findings.

CERES Consumers for Ethics in Research (1994).
Spreading the word on research or patient information for people who take part in health research. CERES, London.

Chalmers, I. (1995).
What do I want from health research and researchers when I am a patient? British Medical Journal, 310(6990), 1315-1318.
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Chambers, R. (2000).
Whose Reality Counts? ITDG Publishing, London.

The Citizens' Jury Report - Reference as follows: Citizens' Jury (2006) Towards a more caring City. Report of the 2006 Citizen's Jury on the research priorities for Bristol Primary Health and Social Care

Clark, H., & Spafford, J. (2001)
Piloting choice and control for older people: An Evaluation (Summary)
Foundation by The Policy Press

Cochrane. (2004).
Making sense of the evidence about effective health care. Topic: leaflet for coughs in general practice: a randomized controlled trial. Commenting on Cochrane reviews from a consumer perspective. Workshop proceedings, first session. Edinburgh.

Cochrane. (2004).
The relevance of Cochrane reviews to consumers. Topic: increasing the uptake of heart disease prevention medication. Commenting on Cochrane reviews from a consumer perspective. Workshop proceedings, second session. Edinburgh.

Cochrane. (2003).
The relevance of a Cochrane review to consumers. Topic: Homeopathic remedy for preventing and/or treating flu. Commenting on a Cochrane review from a consumer perspective. Workshop proceedings, second session. King's Fund, London.

Cochrane. (? Received 2006).
CCNET Consumers in Cochrane. CCNET.

Cohen, G., Forbes, J. & Garraway, M. (1996).
Can different patient satisfaction survey methods yield consistent results? Comparison of three surveys. British Medical Journal, 313(7061), 841-844.
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College of Health. (1991).
Ask The Patient: An action pack for GPs to get feedback from patients.

Commission for Health Improvement (2010)
Sharing the learning on patient and public involvement from CHI's work:I2i – Involvement to Improvement
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Commission for Social Care Inspection, C.S.C.I. (2007)
Benefit barriers to involvement - Finding solutions
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Commission for Social Care Inspection, C.S.C.I. (2007)
Payments and Reimbursement - Policy for people who use services
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Consumers in NHS Research Empowerment Sub Group (2001)
'Think Piece' on Involving Marginalised and Vulnerable Groups such as Children in Research

Cook, D. (2002)
Consultation, for a Change? Engaging Users and Communities in the Policy Process
Social Policy & Administration, Vol 36, No 5, October 2002, pp. 516 - 531

Coulter, A. (1997).
Partnerships with patients: the pros and cons of shared clinical decision-making. Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, 2(2), 112-121.
[Available to purchase for £18.00 from College of Health].

Coolican, H. (1999).
Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology: 3rd Edition. Hodder & Stroughton Educational, London.

Coolican, H. (1999).
Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology: 3rd Edition. Hodder & Stroughton Educational, London.

Coulter, A. (1999).
Paternalism or partnership? British Medical Journal, 319(7212), 719-720.
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