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Reference Manual for Public Involvement
Bromley Health, West Kent Health Authority & Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham Health Authority
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User involvement, research and health inequalities: Developing new directions

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For people on benefits, civic involvement is an unaffordable fantasy
The Guardian - August 29, 2007

Beresford, P. (2007)
For people on benefits, civic involvement is an unaffordable fantasy.
The Guardian Newspaper, 29 August 2007

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The Standards We Expect - Person Centred Support: A Guide for Service Users
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Better Regulation Task Force (BRTF), (2004)
Bridging the Gap - Participation in Social Care Regulation - Government Response

Turning the pyramid upside down: examples of public involvement in social care research
Blackburn H., Hanley B. and Staley K. (2010)
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Bratt, A., Suzanne, J., Corr, P., Marks, V. & Burt, S. (2000).
Assessing The Impact Of Changes In Learning Disability Services From The Carers' Perspective. Helping Hands, Exeter CVS.
[For further information contact: Mr Andrew Bratt, Principal Author, North and East Devon Partnership NHS Trust, The Arlington Centre, Whipton Hospital, Exeter EX1 3RB. Tel:01392 208321. Email Viv Gardner]

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A Resource Pack for Local Groups of Disabled People. Bailey & Sons Ltd, Derbyshire. [Available to purchase for £2.50 from British Council of Disabled People]
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